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Date Night Dungeons & Dragons 

Cathy and I managed to have a date night, a fairly rare occasion that we get to go out alone. Our daughter had a sleepover at the grandparents, the night was young, the weather was mild and Barrowford town beckoned us with warm open arms.

To add a little fun, I put together “DNDND Campaign 1: What a night-Mayor!

We used a 20 sided dice to start out with. We did odds and evens for making 50/50 decisions. And used a handy dice app for when we were out and about. You’ll need to add different types of dice as your night progresses.

The adventure begins

It’s the end of a very hard day’s work and you are looking forward to a night off. Some good food and better merriment with friends is just what the Physician prescribes.


What delightful cuisine should you par take of?

Split the range of the dice evenly across the number options you have. eg If you have two options, using a six sided dice, option 1 would numbers 1 to 3, option two would be 4 to 6.

If there is a choice of entertainment while eating your meal, again roll to choose.


The meal has ended

After you have stuffed yourself to the gills, a messenger bursts through the door with a cacophony of clanging armour and panting. “Ah, thank the gods you are here! I am to give you this and must report back that I have done so.” He hands you a rolled up parchment and as soon as you take it, the messenger has turned and raced out as quick and as noisily as he came.


The parchment reads:


The Mayor has fallen ill under a powerful spell that none of the best physicians or magical healers can help lift. We fear that we will not be able to save him unless we can gather enough Vervain.

We have it on good word that this is a political attack, if this is indeed true, the safety of the Mayor’s daughter is at risk. All other family members are safe and under guard at their stately home.

Your are instructed to find:

  • Three bushels of Vervain. This will be needed to brew a potion to lift the curse.
  • The mayor’s daughter Lyra.


It is imperative that you act immediately!
by order of the Mayor’s council


Although you are irked to have your well deserved night off interrupted, it may not be all lost!

Lyra the mayor’s daughter is a well known loose cannon, a shenaniganiser and stubborn as hell to boot, but knowing her she will no doubt be found in a local tavern causing trouble for some unsuspecting poor soul. Plus taverns do carry a few choice supplies, not strictly by the book, but there’s a slim chance Vervain could be picked up. If you ask nicely of course.

Hmmm, maybe a sneaky tipple here and there? Perhaps we could hit three birds with one stone? After all who doesn’t drink on the job these days!

You waist no time and begin to get ready.


If the tavern has an animal on a sign or in it’s name, this animal is the guardian of the tavern. You must prove you are worthy to enter.


    • Sneak by: roll 10 (+2 for every tavern you visit) and up
    • Show of might: roll 15 (-2 for every tavern you visit) and up
    • Blag your way in: role 6 (+4 for every tavern you visit) and up

If you win immediately add a d3 to you rolls.



If you chose sneak and there is a dog inside. The beast sniffs you out and alerts everyone to your presence.


    • Buy a treat to subdue the beast (some sort of nibbles from om the bar)
    • Roll 10 and up to befriend


On entering search for Lyra

    • 18 and up to find her


When ordering drinks, roll for Vervain. (1 bushel only per tavern)

    • Sweet talk the landlord or lady for a look at their special wares! Roll 10 and up for Vervain.
    • Return your glasses for an extra roll


If you have found Lyra and are about to leave the tavern

    • Roll 10 and up to keep her in your party.
    • 9 and under, Lyra gives you the slip and heads off to another tavern.


If you visit a tavern without an animal in the name add a d2 to your rolls after you leave.

Homeward bound

If Lyra is not in your party as you leave the last tavern. Roll 10 and up to bump into an over partied drunken Lyra and take her home.

On the journey back you are jumped upon by a group of mercenaries hired by the ones behind The Mayor’s cursing.


Round 1: Defend

    • 10 and up to defend
    • Lose, remove one of your extra dice from your rolls


Round 2: Attack

    • 10 and up to win
    • Lose, remove a d2 or d3 from your rolls
    • Repeat round 1 if you lose


If you win: Interrogate

    • 10 and up gets you the name of the ones behind the curse. (Make up evil name here!)
    • 15 and up gives you 2 Vervain bushels
    • Lose and you get nothing


Carry on home and crawl into bed to sleep off your adventures!

How did we do?

We ended up having a great night out, visiting five taverns, six if you include the tactical wee. We managed to get Lyra home and the Vervain, but we didn’t find out who was behind the evil schemes. We shall remain vigil and be on guard for whatever devious ploy may happen next!

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